The history of Westlink Church of Christ dates back to its foundation in 1959. Since 1960, the Westlink congregation has been meeting at its current location at 10025 W Central, providing a welcoming space for worship, community, and spiritual growth.

At Westlink, the core values of faith, hope, and love have always been ingrained in the fabric of the community. The church strives to be a family of disciples, guided by the transformative power of God's goodness. Westlink endeavors to follow the calling found in John 13:35, that everyone will know we are disciples by our love.

While Westlink has its roots in the Church of Christ tradition, we operate as an autonomous group. The church firmly denounces any traditional doctrines that do not prioritize the central message of Jesus—love and grace. By putting love and grace at the forefront, Westlink aims to create a nurturing environment where individuals can experience the transformative love of Christ and cultivate a deep relationship with God and one another.