Interior gym view of the community center that is being used as a community garage sale.

Ways We Serve

It's not just about us

Walking along the path of God isn't just about helping the people you see every Sunday. It's about helping everyone to the fullest extent you can with the expectation of receiving nothing in return. You help, love and support others because it's simply the right thing to do - regardless of that person or group.

Simple House words with branches and leaves coming up from the simple word.
The Lord's Diner logo on white background
Inside of Westlink Church of Christ community center while being used as a garage sale.

Questions and help

If you have any questions on what Westlink Church of Christ can do for you, your group or mission feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do, or direct you to a place that can help.

Life can be hard. So, if you need some guidance on a life challenge we can listen and offer that guidance. We have members that have experienced some of life's most devastating events. Members that are willing to help you navigate the path God has put you on.

Reach out to Westlink Church of Christ.