Interior gym view of the community center that is being used as a community garage sale.

Ways We Serve

It's not just about us

We believe that love is most valuable when it is put into action. Service done in love is service done without expecting anything in return. Therefore, we strive to support our members, our neighbors, and our larger Wichita community. We do this both through ministries that are unique to our church, as well as through supporting existing ministries in Wichita.

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The Lord's Diner logo on white background
Inside of Westlink Church of Christ community center while being used as a garage sale.

Questions and help

If you have questions about how you can get involved in these service opportunities or others, please reach out! We love to help community members get connected.

Life can be hard. If you yourself are in need or service, we want to hear from you too. Whether you need practical help that we can assist with, guidance, or emotional support, we want to help. Our members are willing to help you navigate the path God has put you on.

Reach out to Westlink Church.